Since 09/2005 - LECTURER / RESEARCHER – Université du Sud–(Toulon / Var, France)
Lectures content: Project management, competitive strategy, Media analysis and theory, Communication techniques.

01/2005- 09/2005 - ANALYSIS AND STRATEGY CONSULTANT – (For the Prefecture and Regional Council PACA), Laboratory I3M – Cabinet Proposition (Marseille, France)
Analysis, evaluation, public web strategic recommendations of the south of France Region.
Result : : Reports presentation and highlight of the strategic proposals.

04/2004- 09/2004 - IT PROJECT MANAGER - Renault SAS - DTSI – European Commercial Departement, Head office (Paris, France)
IT Analysis and implementation of a new organization system - Use of e-learning solutions.
Result : Capacity of controlling the IT system and tools. Project and team management.

03/2003- 08/2003 - STRATEGIC AND ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE ANALYST - Lafarge SA – Strategy Department, Gypsum Head office (Avignon, France)
Strategic overview of the establisment of the company in new markets. Policy making.
Result : Initiative, organisation of the decision process. Connection with the high management.

03/2002-06/2002 - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - Swarovski ME – Middle East Headquarters - (Dubaï - UAE)
Introduction of a new product range « cristal architecture ». Market analysis in the overall Middle-east. Guidelines and contract anticipation.
Result : : Decisiveness in the contract elaboration with partners. Autonomy and synthesis.

06/2001-08/2001 - MANAGING DIRECTOR ASSISTANT - Fundeso (NGO) (Madrid, Spain)
Socioeconomic project coordination. Elaboration of reports, advices and comments.
Result : Pluridisciplinary management project. Benefit and asset from multicultural context.

Since 1992 - FIREFIGHTER - Rank : Corporal. Fire station- (La Garde-Freinet, France)
Team leader emergency relief, involvment in urban and forest fires.
Result : Control of crisis management. Priority reasoning, ability to anticipate and solidarity.


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